About Us

In 1999, L&Z Integrated Farms Ltd – began producing dairy products with a herd of only 29 local breed cows known as ‘Sokoto Gudali’. A short while later, 100% Friesian bred bulls were introduced for natural mating, resulting in a cross breed of 50% of local trait and 50% Friesian trait pedigree of the cows. The effect of this cross breeding produced cows that are resistant to various tropical diseases and with improved milk yield. The cross breeding continued to the extent that as at now all L&Z cows are cross bred between Friesian and local breed ‘Sokoto Gudali’ cows, with average yield of 20 Liter milk per cow per day.

Further, we realized that the culture of fresh milk consumption in our society was not as encouraging as the consumption of yoghurt, ice-cream and other dairy derivatives, therefore we diversified into the processing of fresh milk into yoghurt and ice-cream.

With this development, the farm could no longer meet the demand for production; hence we began sourcing from other local alternatives in order to diversify our raw milk supply. In doing this, we identified local commercial dairy farmers and willing nomadic Fulani cattle rearers as a good source for augmenting our milk supply chain.

Growth & Demand

Due to the response of the nomadic and other local commercial farmers, we have had to increase our capacity of production with the ever increasing excess milk that is always available to us.

At L&Z, we now process 3,000 liters of milk a day, with installed capacity of 24,000L per day, and are planning to increase the utilization capacity as need arises.